Our Products

We prioritize the application of emerging technologies like industrial internet of things (IoT), advanced robotics and machine vision, complex software customization, and big data analytics to deliver promising outcomes of reduced down time, enhanced productivity, and reduced manufacturing costs.


Used to monitor the overall productivity of any factory, performance and safety conditions of an area by constantly checking important variables and sending status updates realtime on mobile phone, emails or production monitoring display panel.
Smart IOT Sensor.
Free software.

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Adselle.com is a gateway of four different products (Yellowpage, Jobs, Transportation, Property and E-commerce) that connects to the needs of user.
Gives free advertisement online to the businesses.

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It gives business owners their own business website that they can easily setup within a few minutes to use in promoting their products and services for free.
The website is customizable to fit the theme and vibe of the business and has images for display.

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It gives employers free job posting to recruit potential employees.
The job posting covers comprehensive information on the requirements of the vacant position.

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It gives sellers and renters free ad posting to display their vehicles for purchase or rent.
The vehicle posting shows crucial information and images to display the conditions of the vehicle.

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It give sellers and renters free ad posting to showcase their properties for sale or for rent.
The property posting shows important information and images to display the status of the property.

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Buy mo provides customers the safety and convenience to shop for their necessities.
Online shopping is made more enjoyable through simple and easy to understand process for customers.
Just click and pay then wait for it to be delivered to your home.
Just click and pay then wait for it to be delivered to your home.

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Padeliver ensures that you receive your package in the fastest possible time while maintaining its safety and quality.
Partnership with local riders who are knowledgeable of the ins and outs of your area will help in faster delivery of your packages.
Every rider has pleasing personality. Politeness, flexibility, and patience are among the top qualities they possess.


Collects multiple data such as vibration and temperature from motors which is process and analyse by our own powerful algorithm to provide information about motor health condition and performance.
It predicts motor failures before they happen by detecting early signs of common operating problems.


Web enabled devices that monitors home and alerts users of irregular activities and emergency situations


Production control that records and saves input data gathered from machine sensors to help in performance monitoring and evaluation


Developing an automated system for a self-optimizing and self-adaptation for a real-time new conditions and run the production itself.


Provides excellent full responsiveness of the website and gives an exquisite yet user-friendly UI and UX design.
Gives the client an authority to create and customize the website depending on the business needs.


Leveraging a custom high-quality process and experiences delivering Mobile Application in both Android and iOS.
Expect for a high-quality result from the entire development process, initial ideation, and product definition, throughout the development and submission to Google Play and Play Store.


Engraving of precision tools for stamping or micro-spark erosion
Marking of glass and synthetics whereby the surface isn’t changed in structure or chemical composition
Drilling of small holes in diesel fuel injectors


Excellent quantitative inspection tool because of speed, accuracy, and repeatability
Offers additional safety and operational benefits by reducing human involvement in hazardous work environment


Full control on inventory management by constant position and status tracking
Easy installation and integration with automated storage and retrieval management systems
Operates 24/7 at a consistent efficiency rate


Real-time visualization and in-line analysis of data but can also be remotely accessed by authorized personnel who are not in work premises


Automatically identify and track people or objects for logistics application


Risk reduction tool for operators in loading recipe files in machines